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Laras info:


Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brunett

Height: 5ft 9in

Birth: 14th February Wimbeldon Surrey

Vital: 34D 24 35

Blood: AB- 

Info on Ms. Croft

Lara Croft started off in 1996 when everyone saw Lara they were absoulty amazed. Lara Croft was so popular the first game sold over 8 million copies Worldwide, that was a world record! She was described "Virtual Idol", she hit hundreds of magazine covers worldwide. Douglas Coupland deicated a book to her (Lara's Book) she was one of the times top 20 most influentail figures of 20th century fox.  She appeared on TV ads like SEAT cars and Lucozade enery and for a while they called Lucozade, Larazade yes, the bottle was called Larazade. Then, in 2003 Core Design was fired from making Tomb Raider. In 2006 Lara Croft was picked back up by Crystal Dynamics and Lara made a striking come back. Lara Croft is still a top figure.


Lara was the first 3D Action/Adventure game. For these outstanding games Core Design was awarded a BAFTA! From the groundbreaking orginal Lara Croft always be alive.

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